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Over 65 Years of Expertise in Reforestation, Harvesting, Procurement & Manufacturing

Canal Wood, LLC is a 65 year old privately held company that offers raw wood fiber Procurement, harvesting, reforestation, wood chip manufacturing, timberland marketing And transportation services to wood consuming mills throughout eight southern states (Click here to view Canal Wood territory map).

Canal Wood believes that harvesting and marketing timber are the most critical phases of Timberland management. We can prescribe and implement the most appropriate harvesting techniques while taking advantage of the most opportune markets. As a Member of the American Forest and Paper Association, Canal is forever committed to the protection of forest, water, soil and wildlife by the application of Best Management Practices (BMP's).

Summary of Canal Wood, LLC Products and Services
  • More than 60 years of professional services to the forest community
  • Professional foresters
  • Environmentally sensitive harvesting plans
  • Forest management consultation
  • Aggressive marketing of all forest products
  • Application of Best Management Practices (BMP's)
  • Professional harvesting contractors
  • Harvesting supervision
  • Nationally acclaimed safety program
  • Insurance protection
  • Timber cruising and marketing
  • Reforestation services
  • Computerized record-keeping
  • Professional integrity
  • Financial stability

The Leader Now...And for Generations to Come.

No other company has both the marketing expertise and the logging diversification to Identify unique opportunities to take full advantage of the ever ­ changing timber and Timberland markets. Our commitment to quality products and services, for both the forest landowner and wood using mills, will continue to make Canal Wood, LLC the leader in timber and timberland marketing now and for generations to come.

Canal Wood Subsidiaries:

Canal Chip, LLC
A wood chip manufacturing facility located in Wilson, North Carolina that converts round wood into chips for use in pulp and paper manufacturing.

Canal Land and Timber, LLC
A wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to buying and selling land and timber for investment purposes.


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